The 3 Days of the Park

The Association, thanks to the collaboration with the LAAD, has created an innovative outdoor contemporary art exhibition, in the green area of ​​Villa Sabucchi in Pescara, in which street artists, sculptors and painters of national and international fame have created and exhibited their works.

It's all about the photos from the event!
Discover the works of the "Talents of the future" workshop
discover the redeemable works

Among the initiatives undertaken during the "3 days of the Park" we mention the exhibition/workshop "Talents of the Future" which produced these works!


Discover the works available to be redeemed!

Click on Help Now to view the works that were donated by the Artists who took part in the first edition of "The 3 Days of the Park". These works were donated to our Association for charity to be sold: the proceeds will be used for institutional purposes.