Meeting: Pancreatic Cancer

the fourth edition of the dedicated Pancreas Cancer Meeting is back in attendance this year to the effects of tumor cachexia and the benefits of nutritional therapy. The Meeting is organized thanks to the contribution of the Pierluigi Natalucci Together Association for Art and Science, a non-profit association born in January 2018 following the premature death of the late architect Pierluigi Natalucci, who died in August 2017 due to a very aggressive pancreatic tumor that did not respond to therapy.

Moved by the belief that if the past cannot be changed we can at least work to change the future of patients and their families, our Association has set itself one of the main purposes of raising awareness and informing citizens on the subject of cancer, and in particular of pancreatic cancer, through campaigns of prevention, editorial activities, exhibitions, conferences, conventions, debates, screenings and any other form of dissemination. In previous editions of the Meeting we have awarded cash prizes to young researchers who have distinguished themselves for their research on pancreatic cancer. In this year's edition we are giving away a € 500 prize for a young unstructured researcher who will be selected on the basis of the CV and the abstract of the work with which he intends to participate in the selection (call on the website The Meeting will take place in the Conference Room of the CAST starting from 2.00 pm on Tuesday 23/05/23 and will consist of 4 invited talks, a brief commemoration of the Arch. Natalucci and a round table on the state of the art of the Pancreas Units that have arisen o scheduled to arise in Italy. Registration is free.

In the hope of meeting many of you, I thank you and greet you very cordially.

The President of the Pierluigi Natalucci Association Together for Art and Science
Prof. Roberta Di Pietro

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